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The Success Principles Challenge

Challenge 2008Every year, Jack Canfield select individuals from many different categories who demonstrate a significant increase in their personal or professional success. Perhaps you've overcome a substantial obstacle... discovered a new purpose... pursued a new path.

You could be honored as a Success Challenge award winner when you read and apply The Success Principles in your life. Whether it's in your business or personal life...in your philanthropic work or community involvement... whether you have a single crowning moment or a lifetime of achievement to talk about, we want to hear about it and consider you for The Success Challenge awards.

Please fill in the form below with your name and contact information, then give us a few sentences about the success story you have to share. We'll contact you for more information if you're being considered as a finalist.

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Please feel free to send me future information about The Success Principles™ books, news, and contests.

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Taking 100% responsiblity for my life. Being clear about my life purpose. Focusing on my unique abilities. Being willing to pay the price. Goal setting. Creating valuable relationships. Masterminding, mentors and support teams. Developing habits. Never stop learning. Managing time. Saying no to the good, so there's time for the great. Cleaning up incompletes, so I can move forward.

Facing life with passion and enthusiasm. Having an attitude of gratitude. Overcoming limiting beliefs. Releasing past experiences. Visualization. Believing the world wants to help me. Verifying my assumptions. Thinking beyond conventional wisdom. Trusting my intuition. Keeping my eyes on the goal. Focusing 100% on the task at hand. Making change in my life. Living with integrity. Being a class act.

Getting my feet wet. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Seeking and using feedback. Slowing down and analyze what isn't working. Always seeking to improve. Taking a risk. Asking for help. Changing my attitude toward rejection. Being persistent. Getting ready before your opportunity appears. Doing a few things every day toward my goal. Over-delivering. Always doing my best. Committing 100% to achieving my goal - with no exceptions. Celebrating my successes.

Walking away from toxic people. Appreciating those who have helped me. Listening more. Telling the truth. Keeping my agreements. Forgiveness. Respecting others. Creating win-win situations. Trusting myself and others.

Sharing the wealth. Paying myself first. Investing for my future. Spending less while living more. Tithing. Finding a way to give back.

Becoming a master observer of my own actions and others'. Accessing my own inner wisdom. Maintaining a profound spiritual connection. Creating boundless energy. Staying balanced and stress-free. Getting adequate rest.

Making a start on my success goal. Teaching and empowering others.
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